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What is a trance/hypnotic state?

It is a natural state of being; we are in a trance state every day.

For example, the mind wanders when you are driving, you do not remember everything you experience during that time. Have you even wondered how you reached a place and you do not even recollect it; that is because you were in trance. You were not asleep in fact more alert if a sudden emergency were to happen; you would step on the brakes or turn the car.

Dancing and sports have a trance component in the same way as watching television or listening to music.

People enjoy participating in leisure activities for many reasons but not many people realize that one of the main reasons they enjoy it so much is because they enter a trance state as part of the activity. All activities are naturally trance inducing.

Most people are familiar with the trance experience associated with their leisure activities. However many people are not usually aware that this particular state of trance is a similar state required for hypnosis. 

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