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What are Crystals?

Crystal is a solid in which atoms, molecules and ions are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. They are believed to have energies that can heal the human mind and body. They are found naturally in the earth and have powerful electrical and magnetic qualities and can absorb and amplify light waves.

How do Crystals work for you?

The human body has a complex electromagnetic system also known as a 'vibrational energy system'. Nature has created these crystals to be perfect electromagnetic conductors, capable of interacting with our electromagnetic system, thus having a positive effect on our entire body.

A crystal can thus bring you back to a healthy and peaceful state because your body will come back to balance and harmony with the more constant and harmonious vibrations of the crystal.

Some crystals help us bring in renewed energy or a sense of purpose or peace. There are also some that can be used to reduce pain, absorb negativity or protect us.

We can wear them, place them in our homes, meditate with them or call on their healing vibration wherever we are as we become more in tune with them. They help us to re-create and restore balance in our lives.

Guide to find your Crystals


Follow your intuition you’ll rarely make a mistake when
choosing your crystals. Let your intuition lead you, and trust that the one that calls to you is the right
As you look through them, choose the one type that resonates with you most. That’s the type of crystal that you’re going to buy.
As you look through, you will feel really drawn to the crystals.
Now that you know that you feel drawn to the crystal, start looking through those
crystals in detail to find the one for you.

When shopping online, look through each picture and find the one that resonates with you the most. You can experience all the same energy resonance that you do while shopping in person. Most of the time I get this feeling that I know with certainty that I need to bring that crystal home.
I know people who are sensitive to the energy of pictures and prefer to shop online to
find their crystals. Don’t rule out online shopping until you give it a try. 

Cleansing your Crystals

Use sacred smoke to clean your crystals.
Run your crystal through the smoke of a sage stick, incense, or Palo Santo. If you’re comfortable lighting
a candle you will easily be able to use this method. Just make sure that you have a fire proof bowl to
extinguish and place the stick after you are finished using it. 

Sage sticks prices range from $10-$12 depending on the size and herb blends.

Various crystals have different physical, healing and energetic properties. Since these are natural stones, you would see variances between the colors, sizes, shapes and could also see minor imperfections.
Please see which of our crystals you like and their properties that resonate with you.
Crystals and their healing properties are meant as an addition to your wellbeing and not meant to replace medicine or any health issues. Please consult a medical practitioner.

All information provided is a guide. We recommend you do your own research as well. It is not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment, nor can it be used for diagnosis. Crystals are powerful and are open to misunderstanding or abuse. If you are in any doubt about their use, a qualified practitioner should be consulted, especially in the crystal healing field.

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