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The Process of Hypnosis.


The process of hypnosis is fairly straightforward. If you believe you can achieve your goals, you have a higher chance of success.

In hypnosis,

  • We will discuss the problem, habits and work towards setting your goals.

  • We are not here to solve problems help generate solutions.

  • Once you feel comfortable, I will help you enter into a relaxed trance and make your trance state that you are in useful, to get you to positively reach your goals.

  • I will guide you through visualization, imaginations and suggestions.

  • My hypnosis is motivational and will help you get an extra spring in your step to perform better or improve in achieving your goals.

  • You are always be completely aware and in total control of what you would like to think, do, feel and experience.

  • I, as a hypnotist can only suggest and guide you through the process of hypnosis but it is up to you to implement and integrate it through your own free will.

  • I will help steer and channel you towards the goals you want to achieve. Everyone heals their problems themselves; I only guide you towards where to go and what to do. I will help you Spark the Light Within YOU.

  • When I get you out of trance, you’ll feel calm and peaceful. You’ll also remember what happened, including those visualizations of yourself achieving goals. Visualization tricks your brain, in a way. Imagining yourself doing something makes it easier to believe you’ve already done it. This increases your confidence.

Remember YOU are your power source and only YOU can make that change for you. You make your beliefs through your experiences, learning and observations and then your beliefs make you. 

Limitations live only in our minds but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.

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