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What are our Conscious and Sub-conscious mind

The conscious mind is a part of the mind that allows one to be aware of things; things in one's immediate awareness are in one's conscious mind. The conscious mind has the ability to analyze things, to make judgments about what is right and wrong. It is a part of the mind that limits us and tells us what is possible.

The subconscious mind is a part of the mind is a storehouse of all the experiences we have had throughout our lives; learning, manners of interacting with one's world, and one's automatic functions. The subconscious mind is not as rigid or as analytical or limited as the conscious mind. This is a part of the mind that hypnosis works on primarily. The subconscious mind response to experiential communications, is capable of symbolic interpretations and tends to have a global view.

The subconscious mind should not be confused with unconsciousness. Most bodily processes are not consciously controlled like breathing, blood circulation, blinking, the dreams that we wander around in at night when we sleep; certain skills that have become largely automatic for us like driving a car, playing a sport; bodily urges such as hunger, thirst; they all lie outside the conscious mind. Nearly all our emotions are caused without us being aware of why at that time, though we may analyze them later.

We all have the intention to feel good, comfortable and relaxed after a tired day of work or about something we are uncomfortable with. Sometimes we do not use the right behavior to overcome it and thus create negative behaviors which become a habit or addiction. But the intention of the subconscious mind is never to harm or hurt you; its intention is always to do what is good for you, to keep you safe, comfortable and to always achieve and experience something 100% positive for you. So with hypnosis you are training your subconscious mind to use alternative methods to feel relaxed and calm and remove the behavior and habit of that addiction.

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