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How our Mind works 


The primitive area of the mind is where you were born with basic instincts of Fight/Flight reactions, meaning that your first instinct in front of a threat could only be to stay and fight or to escape. Just like the primitive man had to fight or flight a tiger in front of him. Babies are basically afraid of falling, and loud noises, but also they are afraid to be hungry and too cold, or too hot. The subconscious mind is the space for registering all the impressions absorbed, as negative and/or positive, starting from birth up to about 8 or 9 years of age.

Example, the smell of chocolate all of a sudden because a nearby bakery was there, and that smell brought back old, great, memories of mommy loving you and making you brownies, we can say then, that without you even noticing, a memory of the past had the potential to re-emerge from the subconscious.

Example, when an adult has many fears to get involved in relationships, and maybe he/she forgot what triggered the uncomfortable feeling as a child at home. Perhaps this person watched the parents, often fighting and going through crises… and so forth, and because of that, he/she does not believe in successful relationships or doesn’t trust the partner.

What has been registered in the subconscious mind can also be forgotten by the cognitive mind (thinking mind) and after the first 8 years of age, creates a filter, the critical mind where all the “knowns” can be found. 10-12% of the mind represents logic and reasoning while the rest 88-90%, remains the truth of what happened to the child before the 8th year of age.

So, when your willpower and reasoning or decision making, is negative, it only means that you are experiencing negativity from previous situations of life that you probably even forgot. The same happens when you feel joy and harmony with positive feelings. You can only relate to the present, by past experiences that left a strong impression within.


However, if the adult meets a situation that was never experienced in similar ways before, the same situation will create the “first impression” and that will be the new “known” registered in the subconscious mind and a referral point to all future similar experiences.

These therapeutic modalities are all about having the faith and believing that it works, and it does only when you believe it. These are intangible processes, changes that occur during our sessions that are experienced.

There is no magic pill, but only the person's intention and determination to help themselves.

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