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How does Hypnosis work?

A hypnotist will encourage and help you to settle into a relaxed state of deep consciousness similar to a meditative state or trance, in which you feel awake, yet completely relaxed, where you focus your attention internally. This state of extreme relaxation can help you to be more receptive to certain suggestions and is easier to change a stubborn perspective that blocks the healing process. This can thus have many therapeutic benefits. In this dissociated state, the conscious mind releases and the subconscious mind (the part of your mind that runs without you knowing) moves forward. 

In this state it’s believed that your subconscious mind is more open to suggestions. Our subconscious mind is responsible for a huge amount of our behaviors and habits; it is thought to be responsible for around 90% of our functioning.

Using suggestion techniques, hypnotists look to change the way you react to certain things. You will be suggested self-hypnosis techniques, allowing you to continue the work and support yourself in between sessions and after the sessions are over. These self-hypnosis techniques also work to reinforce the work you’ve done with your hypnotist, giving you a greater chance of success.

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