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Cleansing Herbs

Everything is make up of energy. Many people can feel energy. We all emit energy and most of the time, are unaware of the energy we are sending out into the universe. 
Our psychic energy field makes up our aura. Some people can see auras. We
might not be aware of what we’re picking up on, but when we’re around someone with a particularly bright aura, we tend to be more open and engaging. When we’re around someone who has a particularly dim aura, we tend to be more guarded. When we’re around someone who has a guarded or retracted aura, things tend to be more awkward. 
Depending on your personality, you may be vulnerable to other people’s energy, and you might even take some of it with you. People who internalize and take other people’s problems as their own often take on the energy they have been exposed to. This can be dangerous if the person is unaware and not taking steps to cleanse their energy. Hence it is good to be aware and to check in with yourself frequently and clear your energy and surroundings often.
Various herbs are used for cleansing, protection, eliminating negative energies, inviting good energies, increase psychic abilities, for peace, calm etc.
They are also used during healing, meditation and psychic work.

White Sage - cleansing, protection
Cedar - attracting good spirits and eliminating negative energies
Mugwort - used for dreaming, to increase psychic abilities
Sweetgrass - cleansing, invites good energies
Lavender - for peace, calm, inviting good energies
Rue - strong protection and eliminating negative energies

Prices range from $10-$12 depending on the herbs and herb blends.

All information provided is a guide. We recommend you do your own research as well. It is not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment, nor can it be used for diagnosis. Cleansing herbs are powerful and are open to misunderstanding or abuse. If you are in any doubt about their use, a qualified practitioner should be consulted.

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